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Getting Cash For Your Junk Car

RepairsIf you have an old junk car sitting on your property, there are a few things you can do to get cash for it. Junk cars can turn an otherwise fine-looking environment into an ugly display. By getting rid of the old car you can improve the look of your property and get some cash in the process. There are a few things you have to do before taking the car into the junk yard. However, they are simple to perform and should give you no trouble overall. Do these things, then get your car to the junk yard to collect your money.

Drain the Fluids

You will want to drain all of the fluids out of your junk car. Junk yards will not take a car with any fluids left in them for safety reasons. Drain the coolant, gas, and oil from the car and keep it in some sort of bucket or other holder. Make sure you dispose of the fluids in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. You may face penalties if you do not follow the correct procedures for disposing the fluids. After everything is drained, you are ready to continue.

Remove the Spare Tire

Junk yards will only accept cars with four tires. Get rid of the spare tire. You can either store it as insurance for future use or dispose of it. It may be wise to keep it around, just in case you need a spare tire on one of your other vehicles. In any case, the junk car you are selling will only be able to include four tires.

Have the Title Ready

If the junk car is ten years old or newer, you will need to include the title when you take it down to the junk yard. If the car is older than ten years, there is no title requirement.

Tow Your Car to the Scrap Yard

After all the fluids have been drained and any unnecessary parts have been removed, tow your junk car to your local scrap yard. Most scrap yards will give you a fair deal for your car. Rather than keep the thing as an eyesore on your property, sell it for cash and improve the look of the land around your home.

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