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Free Junk Car Removal Portland

Have an old car taking up space? We’ll take it for free!

Free Junk Car Removal Portland

If you’ve ever had a big piece of furniture or excessive yard debris that you needed to get rid of, you know that finding the proper way to dispose of it can be more than a hassle. Shouldn’t there be companies out there that will pay you to salvage the worthwhile materials? If you’ve looked for someone to recycle your couch and pay you for the pleasure, more likely than not you’ve found out that such businesses don’t tend to exist. Instead, you have to pay to take it down to a landfill or a recycling center. What a pain! Fortunately, the same isn’t true for vehicles when you choose Cash for Cars Northwest. Our auto wrecker offers free junk car removal in Portland for those even in the worst condition!

Most of the time we’ll give you cash for junk cars!

If your car can start and run, you might think that your only option is to deal with the annoyance of scheduling times for tire kickers to come by and tell you that you should pay them to take that literal deathtrap off your hands. But there’s another way. We offer cash for used cars, which includes coming by to tow it away and handling all of the associated registration work. This car removal service is even more helpful when you have a lemon you can’t seem to turn to lemonade no matter how many auto repair shops you patron. When your car won’t run or can’t even start, we’ll still give you cash for it in most cases!

Free Junk Car Removal Service Portland

How “free” is your free automobile wrecking service?

Zero dollars and zero cents! If necessary, we can even handle the paperwork for you. There are some junk car removal services in Portland that won’t take it if it doesn’t work. But at Cash for Cars Northwest, we’re different. We’ll gladly take any broken vehicles, even if it seems that merely glancing at it can give you Tetanus. If we can get it on our truck, we’ll take it! Our crew is extensively trained and prepared for all kinds of scenarios and know the proper safety precautions to take so no one gets hurt.


And we don’t stop there! We provide our services to a variety of locations. When you need junk car removal near me in Vancouver, Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Wilsonville, Camas, and anywhere in between give us a call!

Call us for free junk car removal service in Portland and we’ll handle the rest!

With friendly service, fast pickup times, and a versatile team that can handle your junk car removal, it couldn’t be easier!