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3 Cars to Avoid

Avoid Having a Junk Car Before Its Time

Cash for Cars PortlandIn the last blog we discussed some of the best-rated cars to upgrade to, once you get rid of that junk car. Now we’ll give you a list cars to avoid buying, lest you wind up with a junk car long before it is time. There are many shiny new vehicles out there, but, as with anything, buyer beware! If you are stuck with a junk car, you know you can always get cash for cars in Portland with us. In the meantime, here are some future junk cars to think twice before buying.

  1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This vehicle suffers from a below average rating in reliability. On a 100-point scale by Consumer Reports, it comes in at a low, low score of 20. Besides the unreliability, owners deal with difficult handling and shimmying and rocking while driving. Additionally, you’ll have to put up with low crash test outcomes and a loud and uncomfortable interior.
  2. Smart ForTwo. This tiny car scored a 25 points on the same scale as the Wrangler. While it is light on gas mileage and takes up little parking space, it doesn’t have much else going for it. The low cost generally does not include power steering, power windows, air-conditioning, or a radio. When those items are added in, they bring the cost up to what an average compact car with backseats costs. So you’re getting less car for much more with the ForTwo. It also requires premium fuel, which works against the savings at the pump. The single-clutch automated manual transmission is slow shifting and jerky. The length of time it takes to speed up also makes it a liability when getting on the freeway.
  3. Mini Cooper S. While this car has a popular style, mechanics and engineers alike shout warnings of engine problems to come. This vehicle is expensive to maintain and is know for needing a lot of maintenance. For the spendy price tag, it is not work the headache.

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