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Car Stuck Again?

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With the high cost of towing these days, is it worth it to bring your car into the shop again? It’s always good to do your homework first and figure out if your car is worth fixing or not. Our first March, 2015 blog goes over some suggests on deciding if a car is worth the cost to repair. Once you have made the decision and are just waiting to see how long the vehicle will run on the last repair you made, consider our free car removal in Portland and surrounding areas.

Towing rates are complicated. They vary on many things.

Tow rates vary depending on:

  • Per-mile rate. This is the cost it takes to get your car from point A to point Z. It may seem easy to calculate, but some towing companies have a different rate depending on the time of day. After-hours and weekends are a higher rate, of course. Some towing companies charge differing rates for on-peek and off-peek hours during normal business times. This may even change according to how backed up they get. You may pay more for a car removal just because you happened to breakdown at a time when several other car owners have already called in ahead of you.
  • Equipment rate. This is a fee that goes up the more equipment is used. If your wheels are locked, for example, it will probably require different equipment to get the vehicle on a tow truck than if it is still able to be rolled on. Whether it needs a flatbed tow or a front-mounted or rear-mounted tow can also determine added charges. Having to use a winch for your car removal will be another equipment fee
  • Flat rates. Some towing companies offer the first few miles for free. Others start with a flat charge and add on from there. Still other will depend entirely on what equipment gets used and how far you go.
  • Location fee. Some locations, such as a rural area or on a parking deck, have a fee for your car removal.

Free Car Removal Solution

When you know you are ready to get rid of your junk car, and it breaks down for the last time. Call us for car removal in Portland or the surrounding cities. We come to you, no matter where your vehicle is. We pay you cash, rather than charging you for your vehicle. Free car removal is all part of the service we offer you. We’ll even help you get where you need to go if you break down away from home!

Contact us today at Cash for Cars Northwest for your free car removal in Portland.

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