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Electric Car Batteries: Can they Be Recycled?

Most people are still holding onto their electric cars, as they are not yet old enough to be clunkers. But what about a totaled electric car? Or how about a few more years down the road when some of the first models are getting up there in age? What will cash for cars companies do when people start calling for junk car removal in Portland, OR for their hybrid or electric vehicle?

Recycling Electric Car Batteries

Hybrid Batteries

Of the two kinds of vehicles running on batteries out there, there are two separate battery-types. Some older hybrids have lead-acid batteries. Though the name may make you think they are not recyclable, 96% of lead-acid batteries can be recycled. They can be recharged and reused a number of times before they wear out. At that point, the individual parts get recycled. The other hybrid-style battery is used in the Toyota Prius. They run, partially, on nickle metal-hydride batteries. These can be taken apart and recycled in the same way as the lead-acid batteries.

Electric Vehicle Batteries

The other type of battery is the one electric vehicles are using: lithium-ion batteries. These are considered too worn out to use when they still maintain 80% of their charge left. Amazingly, these “worn out” batteries go to utility companies to help keep the gird running smoothly. They are used to hold less steady sources of energy, such as that that comes from wind and solar power. They contain the excess energy generated at peek times for use when the wind and sun are not generating much power. This evens out the flow,  keeping it consistent.

Once they are out of juice all together, they stripped into bits and each type of metal is then melted down and recycled.

There is plenty of time to wait until these vehicles become old enough to become junk cars. In the meantime people are selling junk cars for money to buy a hybrid or electric car. If that sounds like the right plan for you, call your favorite cash for cars company in Portland, OR today for a great estimate on your junk car.

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