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How Will Cash For Cars Northwest Assess The Value Of My Vehicle?

Whenever you are ready to sell your junk car, you first need to contact Cash For Cars Northwest. We will come out and assess your car for free and give you an accurate estimate of its value. We understand that just like any other concerned car owner out there, you are curious to know the process we use to arrive at the final evaluation. Not need to feel like you’re not getting the best deal! Here is a breakdown of what Cash for Cars Northwest does when assessing the value of your car!

Estimating your car’s value

A lot of factors come into play when assessing the value of a used vehicle. If you’re wondering how much money you can make from your scrap car, some of the more important areas we pay keen attention to include:

What is the car’s mileage?

One of the first areas that interest our junk car valuators is the mileage reading on your junk vehicle. We note this down to ensure we are not paying you too little or too much. Moreover, the condition of your car also matters a lot in determining its value. If it is old and rusty, it will be worth less than an equivalent car with lower mileage and better exterior conditions.

Is it a popular model?

The popularity of the car on the market also helps to determine its value. Cars in demand will have their fair share of takers and hence be valued higher than cars whose market is less flooded with willing junk car buyers. If you own one such vehicle, chances are your car assessment can go up by several thousand dollars, leaving you with more cash.

How many previous owners does the car have?

Another thing that interests us is how many owners the junk car has had. If it has gone through several hands, depreciation may have set in, and it will be valued lower than a car with fewer previous owners. This doesn’t mean saved vehicles with more previous owners cannot fetch reasonable prices. Still, if you want to sell your vehicle sooner rather than later, it is advisable to sell a junk car with fewer previous owners.

Is there any damage/repair work?

If your vehicle has been in an accident and needs repairs on the exterior or interior parts, this will be noted down by our appraisers. You can expect its value to go down slightly as compared to a newer car. This is because even though the repairs that have been done are of good quality, some work has gone into them. Ultimately, it will be valued lower than a vehicle with no damage or repair needs at all.


What is the car’s engine capacity, condition of accessories?

Another critical area we take note of is the engine capacity of your vehicle and its current condition. If it has a good, powerful engine with minimal wear and tear, chances are you will get to sell at a better price than junk cars with worn-out or low-capacity engines. In addition to this, accessories such as air conditioning, a DVD player or audio system, etc., also add value to your car. If they are in working condition, you can expect our vehicle valuation to go up by a couple of thousand dollars!

Other factors

Other factors that play a part in determining your car’s value include the country of origin, whether it needs an immediate oil change or any major repairs done before a sale, and other options available to you. If there are lots of alternative makes/models for sale, its market price will be lower than otherwise, while if there is very little competition from other makes/models, your car can fetch a better price.

What next?

Once we have gone through a thorough valuation process and come to a specific cost for your old car, our technicians will provide you with a quotation and the option to buy. If you accept our offer, we can schedule an appointment to pick up your vehicle and give you cash on the spot! If it’s not in your compound, you can tell us where it’s located to send over a tow truck to bring it to our scrap metal yard!

We Will Buy Your Junks Cars!

It doesn’t matter whether or not your car is running, Cash For Cars Northwest has been buying junk cars for decades, helping thousands of people sell their junk vehicles quickly and easily! Don’t hesitate to visit our premises or give us a call to schedule an appointment!



What’s my junk car’s worth if it can’t be driven?

Cash For Car’s Northwest buys junk cars in any condition, running or not. Whether your vehicle has a blown engine, a broken window, or a rusted frame, we can still give you money for it.


Can I trade in my car at Cash For Cars Northwest?

Yes! We buy junk cars and take trades on any make and model of vehicle-even motorcycles and RVs. Our skilled technicians will provide you with an accurate quote to purchase your vehicle.


How old does my car have to be?

We buy all makes and models of saved vehicles, including used cars from the late 90s or older! If it can’t pass a smog test, we will still give you money for your old junk car.


When should I call Cash For Cars Northwest?

Call one of our friendly customer service representatives any time of the day or week to schedule an appointment for your junk car valuation.