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Junk Car Removal Process

junk carsIf you have a junk car sitting around on your property just taking up a lot of space, a junk car removal service can help you through the process of removing it and getting that space back. Find yourself a service that offers cash for cars in Portland and you can not only get some more free space around your home, but can also get some money for your trouble. Junk cars can be sold for parts and can get you a little extra cash to spend on other things. The removal process for junk cars has a few different steps, and knowing the process can help you go through with it once you require the services.


The first step is getting your junk car down to the junkyard or garage where the removal service is. There are several ways this can happen. You can handle the process yourself, by either driving or towing the car down to where it needs to be, or the junk car removal service will come and get the car for you. Most removal services offer free towing so you don’t have to worry about renting the necessary equipment to get the car down to where it needs to be. The main goal is to save you time and money, which is the reason for the free towing service.

Cash on the Spot

Typically, owners are paid in cash on the spot, be it right when they drop the car off, or when the removal service takes the car away. At the very worst, you will get the cash for your car on the same day of the drop off, meaning you won’t have to wait very long no matter the situation. A junk car removal service wants to get through the transaction as well and get your free space back to you, so same day cash exchanges benefit them as well.

All Paperwork

Paperwork can be a pain to get through, especially if you are unfamiliar with process of selling a junk car. That is why a good junk car removal service will be able to fill out all of the paperwork for you and get you through the entire process without any trouble at all. The point of a junk car removal is to get your property freed up and get you some money in the process, so having all the paperwork done for you can be a real benefit as well. You will be out the door and on your way before you know it.

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