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Serious Engine Trouble: What to Look for

junk car for cashEngine trouble, like transmission issues, can be the death of a vehicle. When the fix becomes much more expensive than the car is worth then it may be time to sell the car for cash. It is best to take the car to your trusted mechanic and find out the full extent of a problem. Here are some signs your car may be in danger of serious engine trouble:

Changes in the Exhaust

If you notice excessive exhaust, especially when it is a dark blue or black color, that is a sign of trouble. This may mean that your vehicle’s oil is being burned along with the gas. White smoke is also a bad sign and may lead to eventual overheating if the problem is not fixed. Another exhaust-related indicator is when there is a different odor to the exhaust.


Backfiring happens when an explosion occurs in the induction system instead of the combustion chamber of a vehicle. A car will often stall out shortly after a backfiring occurs—although, the sound alone is usually startling enough as to not mistake what has just happened.

Loss of Power

This will happen over the long life of a vehicle, however if your car starts to noticeably lose power in a short period of time it could be a symptom of serious trouble. If you experience this you should not wait, but get your car to a mechanic as soon as you can. It may lead to problems that can destroy your engine.

Knocking Noises

Again, this problem is one that should be taken into a mechanic immediately. Loud knocking sounds are likely a sign that a bearing has failed at the crankshaft. Things can get much worse if you continue to drive with this problem.

If you experience any of the above, don’t wait to see if it gets worse. You may be able to save the vehicle with a repair, as opposed to letting the problem get to where it becomes too costly to be worth it. A mechanic can help you decide when things are too far gone.

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