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Signs That It Might Be Time to Cash In Your Junk Car

You’ve been driving your car around for years, and it’s starting to show its age. The engine is almost dead, the brakes are failing, and the upholstery is in shambles; you can barely get it out of the driveway. We know how hard it is to part with a car you’ve invested so much into, but it might be time to face facts and sell your junk. Here are signs telling you it might be the right time to sell your junk car.

You’re driving your car less and less

If you are not using your car as much as you’d like to, you might want to consider selling. Whether it is because of an accident that left it in a non-drivable condition or it’s too old and starting to fall apart, there is no reason to continue keeping it on your property. Remember that cars depreciate as they age, so the longer you wait to sell, the less money you will get for them, even as junk.

It is taking up unnecessary space

If you have a non-drivable car occupying valuable space on your property, it might be time to sell. If you’re not using your car and it’s just taking up space, think about how much money you could get by selling it to a junkyard. There is no need to continue having an eyesore on your property when you can get rid of it and make some extra cash. You could use that extra money to put towards a new car or use it for another purpose altogether.

It is costing you more money than it’s worth

cash for cars portlandSome driving issues are simply more expensive than they are worth. If your car is constantly in the shop for repairs and the cost of those repairs is starting to add up, it might be time to part ways with it. At that point, selling it as junk might be the best option for you.

It is starting to look really run down

Sometimes, you no longer feel the same way about your car as when you first bought it. This is common for cars that have started to break apart after years of use. If your vehicle is looking run down and nobody is willing to buy it for a fair price in that state, why not consider selling it to a scrap yard for money. You might get a good deal on it and use the money for your next car.

It’s worth more as scrap metal

If your used car is beyond repair and there are no good parts to be salvaged, it might be time to sell it as scrap. Scrap yards will pay you for the metal in your vehicle, which can add up to a pretty penny depending on the weight of your rusty car. If you have a broken car taking up space and don’t know what to do with it, selling it as scrap to the automotive recycling industry might be the best option.

It was totaled in an accident

If your car was written off after an accident, you might be able to sell it as junk. Insurance companies often sell vehicles that have been in accidents to junkyards, so if you’re not sure what to do with it, you can always reach out to your insurance company and see if they are interested in buying it. There is no need to spend money trying to fix a vehicle that will cost you a fortune.

It is no longer safe to drive

If your car is no longer safe to drive, it might be time to sell it as junk. Vehicles that have been in accidents or are missing auto parts can often be a danger to the driver and other people on the road. If selling your car is the only way to get rid of it, think about disposing of it at junkyards. You could use that money to buy a new vehicle that is safe to drive.

Your mechanic can no longer fix it

If your used vehicle is in such bad shape and held together with duct tape that even your mechanic can’t fix it, it might be time to junk your car. When a rust bucket is beyond repair, the only option is to sell it as scrap. If this is the case, you might want to start looking for a local salvage yard.

You can’t find a buyer

If you’ve been trying to offset your old vehicle for months and you can’t find a reliable vehicle buyer, it might be time to junk your car. Selling a car as junk is often much easier than selling it through traditional methods. If you’re not sure where to take your vehicle when you decide to sell it, reach out to your local junkyards and see if they are interested in buying it.

How much can I get for my junk car?

If you are curious about how much money you could get for your salvage vehicle, there are a few ways to find out. You can reach out to your local junkyard and ask them for a quote, or you can use an online calculator to estimate the value of your car. It depends on the current scrap metal prices, among other factors.

We Will Buy Your Junk Car!

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