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Why Removing a Junk Car Improves the Neighborhood

junk car removal Portland ORA broken down car is more than just an eye sore. Junk cars increase the risk of pollution, injuries, and vermin in your neighborhood. When you sell your old vehicle to Cash for Cars in Portland OR, you are rewarded with more than cash-in-hand; you are removing a collection of problems from your life.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Cars are full of dangerous chemical compounds. These chemicals need to be disposed of carefully. A recycling company is equipped with the tools and facilities to collect pollutants and dispose of them without putting the rest of the environment at risk.

Common environmental pollutants found in cars include:

  • Engine Oil
  • Battery Acid
  • Coolant
  • Tires
  • Brake Dust

Getting rid of any of these contaminants individually is a chore. It’s faster and safer to send the entire vehicle to a professional dismantler equipped to handle them all at once.

Reduce Risk of Injuries

As the owner, you are still responsible for your vehicle. Even if you don’t want it anymore, you need to make sure that it doesn’t present a hazard for anyone else. The rusty metal and broken glass poses a significant safety risk to other people. This is especially true of children who may be tempted to play in or around an old car. Those glass fragments and sharp metal edges can cause injuries. Worn out seats with damaged springs are also dangerous. Removing your old junk car reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring on your property.

Vermin Control

Your old car may also be home to vermin. Rodents like to chew on the softer parts of a car. Wires, rubber seals, and interior upholstery often show signs of gnawing. When rodents make their home in the relatively safe shelter of an old car, it is only a matter of time before they figure out how to get into your house. Removing old vehicles helps to cut down on habitats for vermin in your neighborhood.

Getting rid of your old car is about more than just the money. Reduce ecological damage, the risk of injury, and vermin by calling a junk car removal in Portland OR. Don’t wait to sell your old car. Get paid to watch someone else haul that old trouble maker away.

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