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To Keep or Not to Keep: Signs You Should Get Rid of Your Car

How to Know if It’s Time to Junk the Family Car

A car is one of the most significant purchases that American families can make. Cars and their maintenance aren’t cheap, so it can be challenging to accept the fact that the family vehicle is officially out of commission. Not only that, but it’s completely normal to have a sentimental attachment to the car. Whether it was someone’s first car or a car that saw the driver through some hardships in life, getting rid of a vehicle can be difficult emotionally. Here are some signs that it’s time to let go and move on and sell that car for cash.

Top 5 Signs the Family Vehicle Needs to Go

1. A New Car on the Horizon

Sometimes the old has to make way for the new. Perhaps that old car with a nickname and over 100,000 miles isn’t big enough for an expanding family. Maybe it doesn’t suit the family’s travel needs anymore. A two-wheel-drive sedan doesn’t make much sense for a family that spends every weekend at Mt. Hood National Forest or has a daily commute upon gravel roads. Not all cars will fetch a reasonable trade-in value at a dealership, so it might make more financial sense to junk the vehicle or sell it for cash. Not all junk cars are unusable. Maybe a dealership nearby has a new vehicle attached to impressive incentives, and selling or junking the old vehicle may have excellent financial benefits.

2. The Cost of Repairs is Greater Than the Vehicle’s Worth

This economic inequality is perhaps the most obvious sign that a vehicle needs to be sold or junked. If either the engine or transmission needs replacing and the car has over 150,000 miles on it, the costs associated with repairing or replacing these components often outweigh the car’s worth. But that’s not all. Even minor repairs can add up over time, making the vehicle a money pit. Consider things such as broken windows, torn upholstery, broken locks, and malfunctioning electrical systems. These things may be inconvenient, and it’s up to the driver what he or she can live within their vehicle. However, for a more comfortable driving experience, it may be worth it to give up on the old clunker and get something new.

3. Automotive Safety

Maybe a decision needs to be made concerning the current vehicle’s safety ratings. The automotive industry has made incredible advances in safety features in the last decade. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluates modern vehicles for crashworthiness as well as crash avoidance and mitigation. Older vehicles may not live up to current safety standards, and some old cars don’t even have airbags. Also, if the old vehicle runs well, it may be time to sell it to make room for a vehicle that will safeguard the family.

4. Rust Has Taken Overjunk cars gresham

How much rust is too much rust? It turns out, any rust on the car may indicate that it’s on its way out. Rust starts as mostly a cosmetic issue, especially on the exterior of the vehicle. Rust becomes a problem when it affects the undercarriage of the car. When this happens, essential vehicle support is compromised, and so are other vital components such as the car’s brakes or fuel lines. When rust takes over, the only way to fix it is to restore all affected areas thoroughly. These repairs can be costly, and it may make more financial sense to junk the car than attempt to rid it of rust.

5. The Car Won’t Sell

Selling a car takes patience, but life doesn’t always allow for the time it takes. If the vehicle has been listed with no bites, and local dealerships won’t take it as a trade-in, the only option left may be junking the car or selling it for cash. Additionally, some vehicles are so far gone that no one in their right mind would buy it to drive it. In these cases, sell it and use the cash for a new vehicle or something more useful!

6. Missing Title

It’s illegal to sell a car without its title. Whether the title was lost or was never received when purchasing (sometimes this happens when buying vehicles from friends or family members), the only way to collect money for the car is to junk it or find a business that will work customers who have missing titles.

7. Neverending Check Engine Light

When a driver’s daily greeting is a check engine light, it may be time to junk the car or sell it for cash. The check engine light is an indication that the On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD-II) detects an issue with the vehicle. These issues can range from something as small as a loose gas cap to critical problems with the car’s oxygen sensors and fuel pumps. In any case, if it seems that the check engine light never goes out, it may be time to get rid of the car for cash and get something more reliable.

How Can Cash for Cars Northwest Help in Gresham?

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