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What to Look for in a Junk Car Removal Company

Looking for Junk Car Removal CompanySo you’ve finally made the decision to get rid of your junk car. Now all you need is the right junk car removal company. But how do you decide? There are plenty of them out there. Here are a few pointers to make sure you find a reputable junk car removal service who will do right by you.

Local Location

First you want to be sure the cash for cars company will service your location. If you are too far away from a company’s service area they may charge you to pick up your car or they may not come to you at all. Going with a local company will support your local economy and a local business. It also means they will be familiar with the area and therefore offer accurate rates for that location.

Cash that Matches Quote

When you call a cash for cars company you should be given a quote over the phone. When the representative arrives to take away your car, there should be absolutely no variation in the amount they give you from the amount they quoted over the phone. If a company offers anything different (less) than what they stated on the phone, discontinue the interaction. You are not dealing with a reputable company.

They may even try and pressure you into taking the lower amount, saying you will be charged for their time if you stop the transaction. That is not accurate. You have not signed anything. You are not liable for any charges.

Free Towing & No Hidden Fees

Reputable companies will tow for free and never add in charges that diminish the original quote you received. The amount you were offered on the phone is the amount they should hand you, in full.

Cash Payment

Make sure you get cash in hand. Some companies may try to pay with a check. This is risky, because if the company is shady the cash may not clear. You want cash for your car before it gets taken away.

The Paperwork Is Handled

You don’t want to deal with any liability for your vehicle once it has been turned over to a junk removal company. Make sure you sign paperwork relinquishing the vehicle over to the company who is taking it off your hands. A reputable company will be able to process all the paperwork through the DMV for you.

These are just a few tips for making sure you get the best money from a reputable cash for cars company. It never hurts to check out reviews and talk to your friends and neighbors. Find out what experience other people have had. Make sure you have checked a company out and feel comfortable throughout the whole transaction.

For more information, feel free to call us at Cash for Cars Northwest. We are always happy to talk about the process of junk car removal.

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