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Why Sell My Car for Cash?

Sell My Car for CashYou have a used car you are ready to be rid of. You have options: 1. Sell it to an individual 2. Trade it in at a dealership 3. Sell your car for cash. So, you ask, why sell my car for cash in Vancouver, WA? Here is some information to help you make the best choice for you:

Selling to an Individual

Listing you vehicle in an ad can result in a lot of work. You need to be available to show the car when a potential buyer has time to see it. You don’t know who these people are, so it may create a safety hazard, especially if you are meeting people alone. Going on a test drive with a potential buyer, or letting him or her take your car for a drive alone, is, unfortunately, not always a safe endeavor. Another downside is having to haggle with the buyer who may not want the car, in the end. You will also have to wait while potential buyers have the vehicle inspected by their mechanic. Other hassles include getting payment in a secure method and making sure all the paperwork is properly transferred at the DMV. All of this is time consuming and can even be stressful.

Dealership Trade-In

Taking your car to the dealership is convenient, in that you can both buy your new car and get rid of the old one in one transaction. However, the advice given in just about any consumer publication advises against this. The dealer fixes the numbers so that it appears you are getting a good amount for your used car, but then comes down less on the price of the new car, or he or she may lower the new car, but not give you much for the used car. It is difficult to tell, with all the number wrangling, what you actually end up with. If your used car is particularly problematic, they may even be adding in fees to take your car off your hands rather than giving you money for it. Consumers rarely end up on the winning end of these transactions.

Sell My Car for Cash

When you call a Vancouver, WA Cash for Cars business, things go quickly and smoothly. You start with a quote over the phone. Cash for Cars Northwest will pick up your vehicle at your convenience. Your vehicle will be towed away for free and you will be given cash on the spot. No waiting. No haggling. Easy! Another up-side is that you will not have to deal with any of the paperwork. Even if you don’t have the title, the car can be transferred with just the registration—and all of that is done with a simple signature at the time you receive payment and your car is taken away. No matter the condition, a cash for cars company will give you cash, unlike the dealer who may charge you for taking a junk car off your hands.

If you are still asking: “Why sell my car for cash?” contact Cash for Cars Northwest. We are happy to discuss the processes and benefits of giving you cash for your car in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding Portland Metro area.

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